Performance for Trade Route 55

Taking its name from the local urban highway, State Route 55, Trade Route 55 was a public art project which connected rich local networks in the North and South of Moreland, through establishing a localized, contemporary trade route along the Upfield line public transport and cycling paths.

The video documents the ritualized swapping and physical relocation of Trading Boxes through a temporal, spatial and embodied exploration of place and space. A musical landscape is created, conjuring links to the historical and cultural roots of migrant communities in the City of Moreland, in the face of ongoing gentrification of the area.

This performance was part of a wider project for MoreArt Public art show 2018 by Amie Anderson and Kate Davis.

Rayan Aridi - Egyptian Tabla and Afghan Bell Anklets
Shane Jabara - African Djembe
Max Koenig - Soprano Saxophone
Maya Sollier - Vocals

Performance Crew:
Amie Anderson
Nico Reddaway
André Scolari
Kristy Zhang

Sabina Maselli
Max Orter